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Tell Me You Love Me : Demi Lovato comes back with a fresh and mature sound

Demi Lovato just dropped her new album Tell Me You Love Me  last month ! The grammy-nominated songstress released this record along with a documentary about her life and – mostly – her battle against drug addiction and bipolarity.

The smash hit lead-single Sorry Not Sorry that gave Lovato her highest peaking song on the Billboard Hot 100 did not bring anything new to her discography. But let’s give this album a full listen and see if the rest brings audacity to the singer’s catalogue.

The first listen of the album got everyone feeling like there has been a change in Lovato’s vocals as well as her lyrics. Through songs such as Daddy Issues and Sexy Dirty Love, the singer clearly expresses her desire for a mature love and sex life. These are themes you could not find anywhere before, except from her previous record Confident that got her nominated at the Grammys for the first time of her career (her ex-Disney’s co-star Miley Cyrus is used to Grammy nominations; Selena Gomez has yet to get one).  The production behind Daddy Issues is an intense combination of pop instrumental and classic R&B rythme that lead to the freshness and renewal of Lovato’s sound.

Lovato is also singing about the uncertainty and doubts that come when you love someone. With Only Forever, she adopts the position of a grown woman who understands her lover’s reluctance to commit to a relationship. But whereas Only Forever could have depicted her as a victim, the Disney ex-act takes the stand to show the man that she can leave anytime soon if he does not make a decision. This song is the antithesis of Britney Spears’ « Slave 4 U » (one of Lovato’s idol) even though it doesn’t seem to at first glance.

Even better, Cry Baby appears to be one of Lovato’s deepest song lyrically, not only on Tell Me You Love Me, but also in her discography. This record is a response to Sorry Not Sorry’s confidence, saying that the popstar can be broken-hearted. It reminds us of a slow yet so powerful prom night ballad.

Songs such as Hitchhiker or Games get stuck in your head. What is impressive about these records (and the rest of the album too) is the fact that anyone can identify to Lovato’s lyrics. The pop star isn’t only singing about personal matters, she also sings about universal feelings, situations and issues. We have all been through arguments and heartbreaks. Her smooth and powerful voice brings listeners together and put them in a position of reflexivity.

Let’s be honest, Tell Me You Love Me, isn’t just another random pop album. The songstress took a lot of time to co-write and record it. Behind the polished and elaborated productions, there is a work on the musical tone and the lyrics. Demi Lovato proved the world (and herself) that she is a true artist.  

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