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Teyana Taylor’s new album is an ode to sex, love and carefreeness

After a 3-year-break from the music industry, Teyana Taylor came back with K.T.S.E two weeks ago, a Kanye West produced album. Throughout the 8 tracks, the singer offers a glimpse of her current life. She also takes some time to show her hater that she’s living her best life. 

Where have you been, Teyana ? 

Teyana Taylor has been left out of G.O.O.D Music for a while and a lot of people were speculating about her career. Was she releasing something soon or no ? Where is Teyana Taylor ? Her fans knew she was involved in the fashion industry and her latest appearance on Kanye West’s Wolves video made her a sex-symbol admired by many women. But no news about music… until Kanye West tweeted Teyana’s new project release date.

To be quiet honest, except from VII, Teyana Taylor’s musical career was at a standstill & never took off. And even if you asked an R&B fan about one classic from her discography, all you could get was « Oh, she makes music ? I thought she was that girl who beefed with Rihanna ! ». So, when Kanye West announced that her long-awaited album was coming, lots of music aficionados got a little excited, not because they were about to hear something new from Teyana, but because it was a Kanye-produced album. 

The fact remains that K.T.S.E is probably one of 2018’s best albums, and it is partly thanks to Teyana Taylor’s voice and flow.

Eight short tracks that say a lot about Teyana Taylor’s carefree life

There is no title track, « Keep The Same Energy » is like an open book where 8 chapters all tell a story. Teyana Taylor is clearly living her best life: the sexiness of the cover, the album title & the first lines she sings on No Manners remind us how unbothered she is right now. « We up in the Copacabana  / I’m good, bitch, you know I been better / My hubby-my hubby so handsome / I hold him ransom ».

But her life isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes K.T.S.E such a personal and introspective work. Taylor uses her music as a diary where she writes down her thoughts about her relationship. « Sometimes I don’t think we really say enough / Why is it so hard to keep in touch ». What you see on her Instagram account isn’t real life, she’s not shy about it and keeps it real. Teyana Taylor explores every side of a love relationship: from the fights, the threesomes to the sunny days in Copacabana. « Fighting to keep us together, hope it’s worth a try / You ain’t always been an angel but heaven’s on our side / I got my demons too, I know just how you feel ».

As we say, sharing is caring, and the singer seems to understand it on 3WAY, a great track about spicing up your relationship. By the way, Ty Dolla $ign’s presence was unnecessary, though. « Threeway, I couldn’t wait to have with you / ‘Cause I know it turn you on, so let’s do it, babe / ‘Cause two heads are better than one ». K.T.S.E is also a response to her haters. Rose In Harlem, one of the album’s best track, shows them that Taylor isn’t just another brainless public figure, she’s a businesswoman too « I just bought my third house / No album out and I got ’em asking / ‘What do she do?’ I do everything / I move everything ».

Teyana Taylor flirts with the gay scene on WTP. She pays tribute to the Harlem Ballroom scene, a safe space created in the 70’s by queer people of color. The music is accompanied by a form of dancing and runways walks (Voguing), explains one of Genius’ contributor. Teyana Taylor is from Harlem, that’s why she is influenced by this underground culture. Besides, Mykki Blanco, one of the LGBT hip-hop scene’s most famous artist, is featured on it. 

K.T.S.E is a cohesive piece of work 

Each track is unique but wouldn’t exist without the others. What’s great about this record is that Teyana Taylor did not fall into the married woman narrative, meaning that you would not know if she has a husband if she did not publicized her life. Her music is spread through with her own persona as well as her identity. 

The songstress switches flows from one track to another, going from a smooth rhythm to some sharpened barz aimed at her haters without altering the musical color and tone of the album. Teyana Taylor does not stay in her comfort zone and experiments different sonorities: from the lyrics to the beats, K.T.S.E isn’t just a basic album that you would hear from another R&B singer.

This record is personal and says a lot about her current life. Teyana Taylor is unapologetically herself and we can’t wait to hear more materials from her in the near future.