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This week’s story : Victoria Monet, the singer everyone should know about

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We had an interesting talk with Victoria Monet, a singer and songwriter who penned many great songs for huge artists in the music industry. Here’s what you need to know about her. 

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Music has always been a part of Victoria Monet’s life

Music has always been a part of Victoria Monet’s life. « I was always singing melodies, just randomly, as a kid, around the house and just very easily memorized commercials », she says. In fact, she grew up with a family of singers : her grandfather use to play saxophone and her grandmother was singing opera. When she was still a child, Monet often spent time in the studio  with her mother, who was also a singer

In high school, Monet started exchanging poetry with one of her cousins. It inspired her to put poetry along with the melodies and start writing. Her latest EP, Life After Love Pt 1, got some really poetic lyrics. This new project is comparable to some sort of modern poetry, like a book where she puts together random feelings and situations that she’s been through into one piece of work “It’s definitely an open book. Anyone who’s gone through a breakup can relate to each chapter. Each song is like a chapter ” Monet confirms.

I was always singing melodies, just randomly, as a kid, around the house”

When she was a little younger, she was writing with vocal producers and traveling to Los Angeles for writing sessions. “I used to be in a girl group signed to Rodney Jerkins. So that was my first real experience. We had to go through a lot of training as an artist and as a songwriter“. That’s when she got her first placement with Dirty Money and Diddy. Unfortunately, they never looked back but she still used the contacts she made during this period.

Victoria Monet finds inspiration everywhere

Victoria Monet looks up to a lot of artists, like Sade and Janet Jackson. “They’re kind of a road map for how to do things the right way and what people respond well to” . Monet can also learn from their mistakes and develop her own road map for people who will come after her.

She takes her inspiration from her everyday life. “As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can hear birds nesting, melodies and it’s like wow… You could really find it anywhere“. That’s why Monet is always inspired. Her open mind helps her create songs, not only for her own projects, but for other artists too. She has penned many songs for Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony as well as Chris Brown, Twenty88 and P Diddy. 

But writing for yourself and writing for another artist got some differences.  “My songs are little bit more personal and songs that I write for other people, I have to consider where they are in their life, what their voice sounds like, what their style of music is“.

I guess my music is a little bit freer, because I don’t really have any restrictions”

Life After Love shows another side of Victoria Monet. She’s honest with herself and her fans. The tracks are different stories and feelings that anyone can relate to. “I guess my music is a little bit freer, because I don’t really have any restrictions“, Victoria Monet explains. There’s a real musical identity that surges through this EP. In other words, nobody else but her could sing these songs. If another artist tried, it would sound fake. When it comes out of her mouth, you can hear the realness of the sadness Monet had to go through.

Life After Love Pt 1 : Heartbreak and women empowerment

Victoria Monet started to write Life After Love Pt. 1 after a breakup. She was in a relationship for 4 years with a producer, a lot of the placements she got were with him. “So not only was it a break up from a personal relationship, but from work as well” she says. This third EP was released independently on February 23rd 2018 and got her the recognition she deserved as an artist, even though she’s still slept on by many people. The nine tracks are well-written and well-produced. You can feel that she has been working meticulously on each song.

But Life After Love isn’t only about heartbreaks and its consequences, it’s also about loving yourself unconditionally and finding the strength to accept who you are. In Ten New Friends, a track about feminine masturbation, Monet talks unapologetically about her sexual desire and the post-breakup relationship she has with her own body. « Men get away with saying a little bit more than we do, about their bodies, about our bodies, she explains This song is honest, it’s art, it’s opened. I just think it’s important for women to be able to express themselves like men do ».

I just think it’s important for women to be able to express themselves like men do” 

Victoria Monet announced that the second part of Life After Love is coming this summer, and it’s more joyful than the first one «It’s the second half of the story where I come to realize that life is not over. I can find love elsewhere and in myself, with friends. It feels really summery and fun. It’s the happy ending I feel to Life After Love ».

Victoria Monet’s career is about to take off

The singer revealed she’s working on Normani’s and Justine Skye’s next albums. Besides, she also penned a couple of songs for Ariana Grande’s forthcoming record, Sweetener. “I try to find the right balance to working with other people and their projects, working for myself as an artist, so I can have a career more like Ne-Yo. He has a successful career as an artist and songwriter“.

While her latest effort helped her gain recognition from her peers, the path to success doesn’t end up here and she still has a long way to go.
Being a woman in the music world makes it tough to gain success easily. 
As time goes by, Victoria Monet is growing as an artist and tries to improve and expand her catalogue as well as her expectations.

It’s crazy because I always was like really intimidated to work with Beyoncé, it seems like too high up, but I would love to work with her”. But never say never, the singer always challenges and improves her songwriting skills. It would not be a surprise if she gets a call from Beyoncé’s management one day to get into a writing camp.

For now, Monet is still evolving. “The main difference between me as a songwriter in Nightmares & Lullaby and today with Life After Love is honesty. The more I grow up, the more fearless I am about being myself” she admits. This constant questioning about who she really is led her to release one of the best EPs of the year. Life After Love is worth your Spotify or Apple Music playlist. Victoria Monet’s music speaks for people’s mind and heart.

Life After Love Pt 1 is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all streaming platforms.